We work with companies ready to invest in their greatest asset: their people. 

We work with organizations who are ready to transform. These are teams who strive to be the best in their field. For whom failure is not an option. These are teams of high performers who are ready elevate to extraordinary. Teams that are willing to disrupt the status quo, and do whatever it takes to reach the next level. 

We work with teams in hyper-growth. We partner with teams that are rapidly expanding, or undergoing massive transition in the organization. 

We work with companies ready for a fresh approach. This is not boilerplate leadership training. This is not management consulting, where we tell you how to run your business. This is a revolutionary approach to performance optimization that will give you an edge on the competition. 

We work with a diverse range of clients. We work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, mid-size firms, entrepreneurs, and diversity-based development programs. 



Can you relate to any of these pain points in your organization?

  1. Strategic goals are constantly put on the back-burner due to more pressing priorities
  2. Management is deep in the weeds, participating in low-level decisions and tasks
  3. Your team is performing so well it's being “rewarded” with more work.
  4. Communication gaps are slowing down productivity.
  5. The team is overwhelmed, working overtime with no end in sight
  6. Management is trying to band-aid problems with short-term solutions.
  7. Teams are double-booked in meetings all day, interfering with precious time needed to execute work. 

The Widrick Group has guided our clients through these challenges and more. Our Performance Optimization programs are custom-designed to address the unique challenges of your organization. 


Private Clients

The Widrick Group works with a select few individual clients outside the corporate structure. We are Ontological Life Coaches at our core, and work one-on-one with high-potential individuals on their holistic set of goals and experience of life.