our services exist within a proven framework, and are customized to meet the unique challenges of your organization.


Full-Scale Team Optimization

Create measurable increases in productivity, effectiveness, and retention.

We partner with the entire team for a minimum of six months. The engagement includes custom- designed team workshops, weekly one-on- one coaching for each team member, and leadership debriefs to report on progress and integrate recommendations.

We expertly facilitate goal-setting, and deliver a Team Optimization Strategy. Each team member develops a Role Optimization Plan that aligns their career goals with the broader vision. The program is executed in an agile fashion. This allows our team to measure, analyze, and design high-impact solutions
that addresses the specific challenges of the team.

Our clients are left with tangible assets that exist far beyond the end of the engagement: An enhanced framework for how to operate as a team, and re-usable materials and procedures.


Dynamic Team Workshops

Take team building to the next level.

Our workshops are far more effective than standard training programs. They are specifically designed to create new levels of awareness, engagement, and breakthroughs which can be applied immediately. Workshops are an extremely cost-effective way to address specific goals and challenges, and boost management effectiveness.

We deliver half-day and full-day workshops, as well as two-day offsite meetings. We include a design session prior to each workshop, and a debrief session to review outcomes and survey results.

Workshops become exponentially more effective when delivered in a series. This allows us to become
trusted partners of the team, and continually build on the progress made.


Individual Leadership Development

Unlock potential to increase performance and satisfaction.

One-one- one coaching is the backbone of The Widrick Group. Our coaching is an expertly curated blend of facilitative coaching and ontological coaching that is based in
the International Coach Federation core competencies. Coaching is a safe, confidential space for people to work through roadblocks and become empowered to generate new results.

Our individual coaching focuses on career growth for high-potential leaders, navigating transition, work-life balance, leadership in technical fields, confidence, diversity-based leadership, and focused execution. We address the individual’s holistic self, not just the persona they bring to work.

We coach our clients weekly for a minimum of six months. The engagement includes an introductory scoping session, weekly coaching sessions, and ongoing communications between sessions.