Group Coaching

Group coaching is a powerful way to drive toward the results you want in your career and life. You become part of a sacred team whose only purpose is to support you in reaching your goals. Group coaching is the perfect place to start if you’ve never worked with a coach before. It’s highly cost-
effective and it works. You’ll get a coach expertly facilitating the sessions, and a team of people who wont let you off the hook for getting what you want out of life.

Current Programs

Women in Leadership
A coaching group specifically for women in leadership positions. We’ll address everything from career goals, work-life balance, fulfillment and satisfaction, and self-care. We know what it’s like to break through the challenges that come with being a female leader – burnout, gender bias, lack of balance, workplace politics. We’ve helped our powerhouse female clients overcome these and more. We’ll unlock your true potential, and get you into the driver’s seat of your career and life. Personal note: Lauren Widrick, founder of The Widrick Group, began her journey by joining a women’s coaching group, and it changed her life forever. This one is near and dear to her heart.

Career Transition
Career transition coaching is a sweet spot for The Widrick Group. We’ve helped leaders across industries transition successfully into new roles, companies and industries. Perhaps you love your job, but the long hours and stress are no longer worth it. Maybe the opposite is true: You don’t love your job, but it pays so well you feel stuck there. Are you dreaming of starting a business? A side hustle, or even jumping in with both feet…if only you had the time and resources? Our clients have received promotions, created roles for themselves, and launched successful businesses. Find out what’s keeping you in a job that’s not ideal. We promise, it’s not what you think it is. We’ll break through whatever is holding you back, and get you moving forward quickly into a career that you love.

Program Structures

Group Coaching is strictly limited to four participants. The program is six months long, and include three group calls per month, plus a 1:1 session with the coach. Participants will design goals and a personal roadmap to get there, and a communication platform for support and accountability from the team. E-mail for a Group Coaching application.