The Widrick Group is a collective of professional coaches, consultants, and leaders. Our purpose is to bring empowerment and humanity to business. 

The company was founded in 2016 as Lauren Widrick Coaching, LLC. It was a thriving Executive Coaching practice, creating breakthrough results for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and senior leaders. In 2017 the company expanded into Organizational Coaching and Consulting, and immediately found an unfulfilled need for Transformation Services in the market. 

We developed and tested The Widrick Group method of optimization within multiple Fortune 500 companies, and saw undeniable results. Teams were communicating better, hitting milestones faster, and employees were more engaged. Our unique blend of elevation, optimization and execution was like nothing these teams had experienced. Our method worked, even better than we had predicted. We committed to expanding our company, to fulfill our goal of maximizing the impact of our work. 

The Widrick Group officially re-launched in  2017 with a full spectrum of Transformation Services, all of which are customizable to address the unique challenges of your organization. 


Founder and Head Coach at The Widrick Group



I am fulfilled by walking the walk every day. When I coach people, it’s not lip service from a training book. I’ve been where they are. I’ve been coached. I’ve done this hard work and transformed my entire life. 

I spent a decade working my way up the corporate ladder, landing in leadership positions in IT and Capital Markets. I've led large international teams, optimized multi-million dollar programs, and started departments from the ground up. I was successful on paper, but I was burned out, unfulfilled, and knew I was meant to have a bigger impact in life. 

I had a deep inkling I wanted to become a Life Coach, but had a whole set of fears and judgments around it. It was a pipe dream, because I didn’t believe it was a legitimate career. I hired a coach, almost as an experiment. In our first session, I shared my dream with the caveat it was a "three-year plan" at best. Within three months, I enrolled in the world’s most rigorous coach training program, committing to a year of training and 12 trips to New York City to get certified.

I launched Lauren Widrick Coaching, LLC and began signing clients immediately. Two weeks later, I learned I was pregnant with our second child. 

I wanted to quit. To drop out of the training program, to put the business on hold, and think about it all after the baby. To retreat to my comfort zone. I didn’t quit. My coaches stood for me – hard. They supported me through the greatest challenge of my life: launching my business while pregnant, while working full-time, while completing an immersive training program in New York, while being a wife and mom to a three-year-old. 

What made all of this possible for me? Working with a coach. It wasn't easy, but we stayed true to the vision, and I crushed my goals. I astounded myself with what I was capable of. 

What really fulfills me is helping my clients do this very thing: astound themselves. Literally shock themselves by what they can create when they commit, and get a partner to support them. I love when my clients are on the verge of a breakthrough. My natural urge is to manage and guide, but I don’t. This is what separates coaches from managers and mentors. 

To be a coach is to simply create space for people to access their brilliance. To ask the powerful questions. To challenge deeply held beliefs. It’s not easy, but this space is what makes transformation possible. We all have a million people giving us advice and suggestions. As your coach, I very well may be the only person in your life who trusts that you have the answer within. 

I want to let everyone in on a secret: Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching: It doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s all the same thing: a combination of facilitation (the “doing”) and ontology (the “being”). It's life changing for individuals, and a game-changer for organizations. My passion in life is to maximize the impact of this incredible work.